Cherry Grove

One Woodshe’s the businessman everyone wants to be and the man every woman wants to tie down. He reeks of old money and is sexy as sin. He saunters into my life and pulls me like the undertow. I’m not looking for love. I’m really not looking for sex either. But One has a way of making me think otherwise. I came here to start over and it seems easy until it’s not. Fate always has a way of creeping in, making us choose what’s worth fighting for.
Lea Lloydthe sassy newbie in town who just booked me to renovate her new place. She’s hotter than hell and tough as nails. And isn’t interested in anything I have to offer. She’s guarded and has every reason to be, making me want so much more. Until my past comes back to haunt me and nearly takes us under. Thinking I’ve found the whole truth, I soon find out, it’s anything but.
Will we survive the current, or will the undertow hold us down? This is not your everyday love story. But then again, what love is? Set just off the eastern coast of the Carolinas, Cherry Grove will pull you in. You will not be able to escape the beauty of the landscape and the call of the ocean. As Lea and One fight the currents of the embattled love, their lives rage as the water batters the shore.