Hey Ya’ll


I’m a country girl you’ll never catch in camo with tats and occasionally some funky colored hair. I’ve loved the beach my entire life and after marrying a beach bum, it was time to call it home. I love the Cherry Grove area in South Carolina.

I’m married to an amazing man, whom has always loved and accepted me as I am.

We have three incredible young men, one of which is married and the other two are engaged while finishing their education. We have lots of furbabies.

I began writing thinking it would never be published. But after a traumatic experience, I had to jump. My writing mirrors real life and love. Many times, we feel the need to escape it, but I believe we need to embrace it. Embrace the imperfections of a perfect love. A love that fills you with all that life can offer. Like the ocean, life is never an easy ride, it has currents that bring cascades and waves that can pull you under or lift you up. Come along and ride the wave of life and love with me.

Life, passion, & sand.

Love,Leaona Luxx Logo4